Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I veer slightly off course this morning as I muse here: what changed to fire up this young mans rage once again?
For a brief period (my self-delusion kicking in?) it was almost as though he had managed to tolerate my presence in efnet trivia.
Sadly, as in so many areas, I have been proven wrong again. Last week, my clumsy though totally honest olive branch was verbally sneered at and rejected out of hand.
Since then, I am pretty much blocked from playing trivia at all. Oh sure, I'm now at least allowed onto the channel but consistently lagged and pinged to the extent that the writing on the wall is 10feet high heheh.
I think that Trivia, for me, became a symbol of freedom in some way.
My freedom was pretty much removed years before the Muni Corrupt arrived on the scene in 2004, by Telkom and the local SAPS. They would no doubt say it was all just for a laugh...? but.... corruption remains corruption whichever way you choose to view it.
I imagine now that young Gg works his butt off doing practical medicine somewhere buried in Botswana. His only respite would be his PC and the many friends he has made out there on the net.
Some of these 'friends' would take great pleasure in reminding him constantly of the dark days of anxiety back at Mwebs Studio 54? Otherwise, what would suddenly cause him to toss all reason to the wind and throw his toys out the cot again after all this time?
As ever, it will not be the What but the Who that is the interesting question here.....
Collin Balliram, my Controller himself? posing as an Internet cop? The unrepentant yobbos at Mweb and Telkom wearing what nicks?
I blogged yonks back that leaving Mweb would make it Open Season on Toads and that at least was one assumption that turned out to be correct.
Another thought - the last time I tried to PM Haul (one of the many ops in efnet trivia), I was thereafter blocked from even connecting to the server for a week.
I recall greeting this same Haul politely last week when he/she came into the trivia room wearing a different nick.
Could this be the cause of the renewed barrage of attacks since then? Who is Haul and what is she/he? Very coy or just a coward?
The bottom line here is that all this renewed nastiness will suit my Controller very well indeed.
It was, I'm sure, becoming pretty clear to several people that I am exactly what i've always purported to be: a somewhat dippy old fart.
As vulnerable and thick as always on the Net, but not quite as naive and gullible as I was 7 years back.
It is strange to think young Gg will/has no doubt taken the so-called Hippocratic Oath, possibly in the full knowledge of what is being physically done to the residents in Sherwood?
Does he actually jump up and down with glee and exhort Bali to crank up the EMF as 'she bloody well deserves it!' ?
Alternatively, is this possibly an area that he hasnt been fully acquainted with?
Does Gg choose to believe that Bali and the Muni's System is so accurate that I am the ONLY one that is being physically affected by this? Curious indeed.....
One has to wonder if he is EVER plagued by doubts that he may not have been given the full picture.
Or has he been totally dumbed down by the continuous ego stroking by some of his more questionable 'friends'?
Shit happens ja - and though my freedom has once again been curtailed it matters very little in the larger scheme of things.
My olive branch stands firm however shrooms chooses to see it. Wake up kiddo!
If he chooses to take this blog as merely an attack on his integrity, so be it.
I cannot hold him responsible as I fear he is surrounded by false friends with ulterior motives.

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