Sunday, October 15, 2006

Saturday morning at 8.00am mon Capitan, family and a visitor spend half an hour ostentatiously chatting in the front garden.
If the kids new swing set was put there to allay any fears of over-exposure, may I suggest that you ALSO get a dark coloured plastic washing-up basin or similar and, that you fill it with water (ala Sophie's pool), and put it in FULL shade somewhere in your front garden. Where it will get NO sun at all... then wait....
The sewage stench came and went during Saturday morning.
The harddrive on this machine making a loud unpleasant whine when in use during the morning but this disappeared when i logged on again in the afternoon?
I was allowed onto Phreikchat early to play trivia.
and today..... I had to smile this morning in the dark at the top of the stairs... St. Theresa's top floor windows are looking almost 'normal' heh... just in case someone accepts my invitation and stops on the verge to take a dekko?
The Courageous family take off early and wisely though I can never be sure if the Captain remains behind lurking. Does he use this Toad as an excuse to avoid shopping trips and boring family get-togethers? *curtseys......
Quite savage sewage pong shortly after I hear them leave.
The chopper heading south at 10.45am.
and finally, something positive from all this dodgy kak?
It appears from the Crime Stats over the past month that Sherwood at least (I dont know about poor Sydenham) has been pretty much in the clear crime-wise.
O sure, I'm aware that stats are manipulated but nonetheless....
a rant in one of my past blogs to the effect that despite ALL of this hi-tech monitoring throughout the suburb, hijackings and burglaries were still happening?
Somebody finally woke up? Luck? der Kommissar's constant and repeated air-born sorties a deterrent?
Who knows.... for the moment at least, I am tempted to applaud.... long may it continue...
Sunday 15th October 2006 at 4.45pm