Friday, September 15, 2006

At 4.30am this morning the bedroom sensor is back on....
I go and check Basils outside light and to all intents and purposes its off and yet.....its not.....
Methinks I should dig a little deeper there as to exactly WHO installed it and when... Basil himself? Quite possible..
The new overhead lights for the city bound Sherwood offramp are on and very pretty indeed.
Something that I have probably at some point already mentioned? That the intensity and strength of the power sent to some of these strange lights causes them to change colour totally.
The malevolent square appearing orange lights for instance.. only one of which I can see this morning, burns now as a pretty standard white light.
The penny dropped when I looked over at Sue's outside roof light this morning and realised that it was MUCH brighter than usual. With this in mind, I'm betting that Basils outside light is now for some reason burning 10 times brighter than usual - hence my finally noticing it?
Course this will all be double-dutch to the average person but hey - no problemo...
Cassim's roof lights sit dark and quiet this morning though a great deal of commotion from dogs down his way. I must remind you that Cassim should be treated at ALL TIMES as a National Treasure. It will only take ONE security breach onto his property for me to be in with a chance, as you know.
So - no hijackings or even attempted hijackings or burglaries of any sort at Cassims or........ (*laffin)
In fact Cassim doesnt know it, but he can irritate the hell out of you now with impunity heheh...
I still seethe that a car was allowed to be taken from Clive's verge last week, though I managed for once to keep my mouth shut.
I havent heard the Controller's oscilloscope working in 2 weeks though the green light is still shining in his patio. This morning Kitt i has All its sensors working - very pretty.
Saturday 16th September 2006 at 7.07am

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