Sunday, September 17, 2006

I am more inclined to be amused than appalled these days at the ease with which I alienate everyone with my ceaseless babbling.
I am now so totally obsessed with lighting and just couldnt /cant understand why my fascination was/is not shared by all and sundry.
Since my visit to B however, I am making a conscious effort to stand back and now at last can finally see how ludicrous and boring I have become.
As a result I have fired myself as a Messenger of Anything let alone Big Brothers Control of the Masses scheme.
On my Blog however, I shall whitter away as always - unaware and uncaring as to whether it is read by anyone other than myself.
And so....I give you more random sightings and muddled thoughts....
At 4.00am this morning Duke at No. 4 (Basils big dog) was doing a WTF bark continuously.
My Controller's "pool cleaner" has most definitely adjusted stuff on Basils property and Duke is anxious about it. Has the removal of the enormous tree in Cassims yard changed anything?
I would give a resounding yes to that query.
Cassims roof lights on full at 4.15am and his dogs begin the same panic stricken barking as Duke. A current /force field from the bridge? The bedroom sensor is dark.
Standing up at the top this morning I notice a sensor well below the garbage cans at St. Theresa's. Now of course there are so many popping up I figure we are back to the silly Red Herring game. Much as Bali had them stuck all over his back garden including his fountain at one point? Same as the sensors stuck on the tree down in the valley with the SAPS bakkie parked nearby?
Be they red herrings or not, I shall log them as I see them. Tis just an amusement. The Main lights are not going anywhere fast and the Panels along the entire front of the dormitories on the ground floor of St. Theresa's? If they have not been given special treatment I AM the angel Gabriel.
Sunday 17th September 2006 at 10.19am

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