Thursday, September 14, 2006

My innate inability to get dates and days right has been no doubt of great use to my Controller all along, but nonetheless, I will try.....
I do have to be careful these days not to lose the plot entirely.
Let me share Wednesday 13th with you....
An enormous amount of work planned for that evening and Plum remarked on the size of the team of workers lined up when he got home from shopping.
Despite the ongoing racket from the bridge i managed to nod off and woke with a start at about 11.00pm with enormous pressure in my ears, my bladder and sweating profusely.
i got up and glanced at the bedroom sensor. Nothing, nada, zip.
I lifted my gaze higher to the Senior Boys Hostel across the valley and yikes!!!!! 2 huge deep orange square lights blazing directly at us and another matching pair full on by St. Theresa's garbage cans!!! This was the first time I had seen all four at full strength simultaneously and a wicked sight it was.
On a whim, i went through to S's room and waved at Kitt i sitting on the Controllers driveway. Almost immediately it chirruped back at me.. Hau!!!!!
When i got up after 4.00am yesterday morning (Thursday) the workers on the bridge (I would guess as many as 15/20) were rushing about frantically trying to finish off the electronics work. An amazing sight to watch but I do not have the words to describe everything I saw or the machinery trundling up and down, or the fantastic lights. They were packed up and gone by 5.00am.
At about 7.00am (now Thursday morning)I had a call from Basil down at no. 4 to say that his Jetta had been stolen on Wednesday morning while he and Brad were busy at Addington. Coincidence? maybe but then again...... so easy to arrange the theft when the collection of meds from Addington is a regular happening. The car was locked with a gear lock but no problem to the thieves.
Then Paddy phoned to say an attempted hijacking up at Ameenas at 7.00pm Wed. evening. Busy busy busy....
Plum and I went up to take stuff to Sissy in Notties for the day and only got back after 4.00pm always, I wondered what new innovations would be installed and where while I was out.
and here are the results typed last night late:
- Taking Sophie out tonight was the first chance ive had all day to check what improvements and additions had been made to the area... and there it was!
Looks to me like Basil has a new satellite dish and outside light :}}!
So - may I guess here?
Alice said to me the day before that Duke (another staunch dog who barks only when absolutely necessary much like my Controllers Nobby) yes, that Duke had been going nuts for the last few nights and even sometimes during the day. Making her fairly nervous indeed.
I would suggest here that would be fairly easy to organise? Someone deliberately down in the valley making sufficient noise to worry the dog? Possibly bringing Another dog into the valley?and then along comes hmm.. could it be er, my Controllers Pool cleaners????? and start chatting all friendly like to Basil and saying he should have an outside light?> oh and being as how they are clever with electrics they could even sort out his satellite dish while they were at it? Just guessing here as i sit laffing ...... and Bobs ure uncle there it is.... a fixture done for next to nothing out of the kindness of their heart? If not my Controllers pool guy i guess then it would have to be someone from Basils church? lol jaja... course i will be seeing Bas in the morning and i will be interested to hear what he says.... no good even trying to be a Messenger there - once the job is done tis done.... but for a laugh I will confirm when I find out how it was done ja..... and how Duke likes the new setup? gnite dears.....-
and so..... i shall try and verify the above paragraph later today..... but aint life just so fascinating??? stay safe julle......
Friday 15th September 2006 at 5.58am

Still Friday now 2.30pm...
My promised report back on Basil's new light and satellite dish:

It turns out that the satellite dish AND outside light were installed some time ago and it would appear that by sheer timing and coincidence I had not ever seen them until last night.
According to Basil the light is mostly turned off at night. Even so....a curious situation for a confirmed light watcher to miss such a bright light?
However - another Very interesting development is that my Controller's so called "pool cleaners" have managed to persuade Basil to use their services. They have, i understand, only been on B's property twice - more than sufficient time to have made minor adjustments and additions to the outside light and /or dish.
I have in the past, noted that Danny? the pool guy, spends considerable time bumbling around the oscilloscope/graph machine and the computerised machinery tucked into my Controller's patio, whilst his assistant does indeed actually clean the pool.
and so the jury is still out on this one....
Either Danny? has adjusted Basil's outside light without his knowledge or by amazing coincidence, I have simply never been looking at the right moment.
The good news? Basil tells me he was already planning on going for a scan.
A wise move and I am totally relieved to hear this. I feel strongly that he is in such a precarious position trapped as he is between the Freeway bridge, Cassims house and my Controllers house with all his electronic equipment. Literally anything could happen should a fault occur.


The chopper has been up twice today already... Once early this morning at 6.15am and now at 2.30pm. The Freeway bridge still needs work to be done as several of the overhead lights are not working.
My series of streetlights remain burning all day every day. Going off roughly the same time as the rest of the neighbourhood and coming back on for the entire day after the morning rush hour traffic eases. My Controllers streetlight outside Number 6 Harris Crescent is still set on the dimmest setting. Possibly I should report it and keep the report numbers given me to produce when the next electricity rates hike appears? There was a press article not long ago exhorting the public to report these faulty lights in an attempt to keep costs down so.....

Only two of the four hectic square deep orange lights reached their full strength last night. Quite possibly they Were all activated at some point but happily I slept through it even if they did. I will attempt to fill these lights in on the St Theresa picture though the Senior Boys Hostel is pretty much obscured behind the huge gum trees.


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