Saturday, September 09, 2006

I would speculate that Subeera at No. 18 already has a fair amount of fibre-optic cabling on her property.
They have an electronics company? Whoa! I would guess that fibre-optics could come in very handy for the business and it would have cost them nada, zip, zish. She did say on the phone, rather too quickly, that to use fibre-optics you had to have some sort of a licence? Is that what she was told? *Choking here..... So mum's the word all round?
I truly cannot run around shrieking that everyones ears will have a green glow and we will ALL develop brain tumors because I dont believe that is the case at all.
Then again, I keep going back to the Strange Case of Basil down at Number 4 and have to wonder ja.....
I must speak to Alice again methinks and find out more about what actually happened. I believe that he WAS affected by the EMF that was being pumped into this little section with little or no proper monitoring during November 2005.
Again, I have no wish to stir up a hornets nest (gosh, how times have changed). I merely wish to make it clear that ACCEPTABLE levels are met and monitored carefully.
Wishful thinking on my part? Hopefully not..... even if as i suspect this particular area was left in the hands of the original authors as part of the Muni deal, I would suggest that if even a hint of scandal were to come out, the ripples would spread far and wide. Eish that sounds almost like a threat which we all know by now is pretty laughable considering the source?
Full moon and i am rather tetchy heheh.... at one particularly irritable moment it flashed across my mind to drag up the whole mweb/Shaggy/abuse@telkom mess.
With my Controller being so petty as to block my access to any form of trivia (more vehement denials? o please!) what do I actually have to lose here?
I have always maintained that it was a kitchen I chose to frequent and getting burnt was also my choice and left it at that.
However the few remarks made recently about the legalities of the whole thing set me to wondering...... Steve Stander for instance..... legally checking customers mails ok.... no problem there.... passing on what i was clearly writing for my attackers? hmmm......
I would love to have my Controller face me and say that 7 years ago he was a fully fledged member of the NIA/SAPS and as such was legally allowed to harrass us online?
Should be good for a few laughs at the very least?

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