Thursday, September 07, 2006

What is it about a full moon that makes a loose tongue go into overdrive? Curious....
The moon was still a huge disk of rich yellow hanging over the Western horizon as I went up the stairs at 4.00am this morning.
A Municipality lorry, fitted with a stamper machine, a Muni bakki with a dude reading a newspaper and a bakkie with Kwazulu Natal Security on it. Nothing untoward at all. I took some pictures and they packed up quite smartly and left :P.
Although the water had been running fast down from the Assessment Centre since the day before, Alex had said it had been reported from the outset. Someone had finally come out, had a look and gone away until yesterday when it must at some point have been fixed. By the time I got back at noon yesterday from my shopping expedition, the water had stopped running from higher up but was now running out opposite our property! Sigh... another hike in the Water Rates IMMINENT?
Suffice to say both leaks appear to have been sorted as I type. It was only about what? 6/7 weeks ago that the Firetruck was parked up the top and they opened the hydrant and let thousands of litres run out.
Could it possibly be something to do with water pressure and EMF in the area?
The 2 new overhead Freeway lights are out this morning. Balis streetlight is still out. Our series up to Paddy appear to go out just for the benefit of the rushhour traffic and then come back on for the day.
No sign of the bedroom sensor this morning though it could just be obscured by the tree at this stage. The past two mornings it has been burning strongly. Possibly my Controller is just having a lie-in today. He has certainly earned it by taking the heroic step of blocking my ircsearch and now messing with PhreikChat heheh.... (insert vehement denials at this point) once again dear Reader, I wish to remind you that this is the behaviour of a person responsible for a great many residents electricity systems.
My visit yesterday morning to the local Station was, as always, a happy experience. How I would love to help out on a voluntary basis for a couple of hours a week but have to accept the official implication that I am just too old and that they have sufficient YOUNG women workers to man the telephones. *laughing.....
I happened to fall in behind der Kommissar's new police car (fairly bristling with the latest technology) on the way home yesterday. Happy to see him pull over and Tiger get out to speak to two loitering youths. These all too seldom moments could easily lull me into a false sense of security.
And so we come to my Controller's four-legged security system - the Nobster.
Of late, Nobby has been galloping out of the property as my Controller or his lady come and go. I fail to see how such a large animal can become invisible to his owners? They seldom, if ever, stop and re-open their gates to let him back safely inside, leaving it to either Sue the Book or myself to stress about him being loose on the street.
My Controller is fully aware of the threat posed to Nobby by the the killer dog at number 10. Indeed, the last time Nobby was attacked by this dog proved a costly experience. One which was never paid for in full.
I suspect that Bali is hoping in the event of Nobby being savaged again, I will fall out with the owner of said killer dog?
May I assure Bali here, that is NOT an option. If disaster once again befalls my Controllers dog, he and his wife will be held responsible and nobody else.
Have a happy day julle.....
Friday 8th September 2006 at 6.26am;

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