Saturday, September 09, 2006

(I would SO much rather be sitting trying to play trivia and being consistently polite but alas, Bali has decreed otherwise so....) its not difficult to find me if you really want to? Ive put my street address out there often enough. But you have to remember that if you call ahead, be it landline or cell, you will be monitored and expected by more than just myself.
Even if you were to take a chance and arrived unannounced? Well, if it was a working day, my Controller would arrive home within minutes as always.
Whether tis he himself or his peers that monitor the verge sensors, He is the one that comes speeding back home every time.
From the moment you arrive both you and your vehicle will be monitored and recorded.
Of course I would prefer it if you could pop in after dark making it easier to show you a few of the amazing innovations made in the area recently.
But sadly, even then your visit will be noted and Im betting that most of the visible sensors will be either turned off or dimmed to their lowest strength.
I understood from Allen Spence (way back in 2004, when he was still insisting that the Project be called "a highly technical computerised Anti-theft device") that the Main Streetlight was at Cassim's house, No. 2 Harris Crescent. I cant of course dispute this as I seldom if ever go out after dark.
Aside - Spence was for once, not prevaricating as Big Brothers monitors will prove to be a deterrent to theft in many more ways than one and aid the authorities greatly be they straight or bent.
I would dearly love to know what the sweetener was to get Cassim to play ball. Im betting that the organised robberies, hijackings and constant spikes to his house alarm, pretty much made him amenable to Any suggestions?
He cannot be totally oblivious as his alarm still sounds constantly although he has no fears of being burgled any longer.
I blogged previously that Kitt i is parked in the Controllers driveway lit up like a Christmas Tree? So for the last two nights at least it has sat there in the dark without a single sensor showing. Touchy? His streetlight is still out to all intents and purposes but do come here with me to S room and take a look from that angle. Its VERY much alive.....
V. kindly cleared the branches obscuring the bedroom sensor today so that i too now have direct Line of Sight.
The sensors on Freds Electricity Pole in the valley (the pole that replaced his standard telephone pole previously blogged) sits quite dark and no sensors active tonight. I only realised this evening that he has had the huge old trees in the garden removed thus also giving him direct Line of Sight to St. Theresa's.
After the miraculously fortuitous sighting of the red sensors lining the length of the freeway bridge in the dark hours one morning, ive not seen them since.
Should you be curious enough to drop by, I suggest you have an air ticket pre-booked for an unknown destination.
For some reason the authorities are being extremely coy about all this. Repurcussions against nosey parties will be swift.
Could it be as I've maintained, that this whole setup is erm, unethical? and even - dare I say it - illegal? In a country purporting to be a democracy?
If someone were brave and foolish enough to dig deeper, would it be revealed that there Have been casualties, at least since 2005?
That there have been installations made to homes without residents knowledge or permission?
Well, Im not holding my breath waiting for a knight in shining armour to head down the pass.
The smear campaign has done a sterling job and I will be a pariah forever heheh...
aided by such luminaries as the articulate SweetViolet and Shaheen Bhoola (both Eskom affiliated), a whole host of on-liners who, being IT savvy, assume that they are way too bright to be manipulated, The CEO of telkoms so called abuse line himself, the technical director of mweb (sies) ahh the list is endless....
Not too shabby for a fool say I.
And yes, I Can still smile when i picture the indignation some will genuinely feel should they read this. These are the sort of people who will go to their graves believing they are intelligent and have never made bad choices. Shame.
I reiterate - I accept that Big Brother is here to stay. I however, have issues with the unbridled and unacceptable levels of EMF that is/are being used in our area. Otherwise?
Enjoy - and may you reap as much as you sow.......
Saturday 9th September 2006 at 8.37pm

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