Saturday, September 02, 2006

Have you had major problems with your landline telephone at any time since 2004? Did Telkom eventually say they would have to come and replace your cable?
Have Telkom or the Municipality been laying cables on or around your property recently?
Have you had work done to your property during this period eg:
Roof Cleaners, Roof Tilers, House Painters, House Alarm, Electric Gates etc. If not, have any of your nearby neighbours had workers in?
Have you noticed any additions made to your streetlight poles? Do your streetlights often stay on during the day and at odd times? Do you have frequent power cuts and dips?
The methods used to gain access to your or your neighbours property varies.
Electrical spikes/surges could be sent to your House Alarm for instance, setting it off constantly for no apparent reason. Your regular Alarm company will not be able to solve the problem. Eventually you will be introduced to someone who says they can sort your problem out at an exceptionally good price. Alternatively amazing special offers will be made regarding housepainting, sorting out problematic electric gates etc.
If your house is empty save for a servant, during the day, their job is made that much easier.
Their team will come in and possibly lay fibre-optic cable somewhere in or on your property and make additions and alterations to your electrical supply. You will not be advised of this though your house alarm problem could improve temporarily.
After this has been done you may experience the following problems:
Problems with your telephone - lights in your house may turn on and off by themselves. The oven/stove may play up or blow up. Your hotwater geyser may be much noisier than usual. Digital alarm clocks may need constant resetting. Electric doorbells may ring by themselves. Appliances may be burned out i.e. toasters, weedwackers etc.
You or your family may personally experience;
pressure in your ears - a high pitched whine like crickets, pins and needles in your hands and a burning sensation and nausea. You may also at times feel hot.
If you are out of your house all day it is suggested that you ask your maid if she experiences any of these problems.
If all or any of this has happened to you - dont panic. You are merely feeling the effects of Electro Magnetic Force Fields as the Municipality link you up to Big Brother.
You may contact me at 031-2085017 and we can discuss setting up a support group heheh...
My street address is 8 Harris Crescent, Sherwood, Durban. ZA.
2 August 2006 - Saturday at 7.55pm

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