Saturday, September 02, 2006

I was given a taste of freedom last week and loved it. Sadly, the bit has been tightened once again since then.
Being blocked from connecting to irc trivia pushes me to head back to the forums. Not a bad thing at all.
By chance a link took me to Karnaughs blog concerning Broadband over powerlines. Bingo!
Many moons ago, while still running about like a headless, paranoid chicken, I saw Karnaugh on and that, coupled with his seemingly constant scathing remarks regarding idiots on the internet, had me as usual putting two and two together to make 5! I seem to recall that on several occasions he appeared to actually defend Telkom as well.
Ah well - all water lost under the bridge at this point.
What Nobody seems to grasp is the fact that Telkom is working side by side with every Municipality Electricity Department to link up unsuspecting citizens to a huge Data Base..
and no, it is laughable to suggest that a single monitor in each neighbourhood will be watching everyone 24/7.
The point is, SHOULD Big Brother become interested in your activities for Any reason, the computer controlled devices attached to YOUR streetlight will activate and your every move will be monitored.l As simple as that.
I would guess that a good few people at the myadsl site have already been given an expurgated? version of this.
The fact that in my neighbourhood alone, teams are approaching residents on the pretext of Special offers and sweet deals for housepainting, roof repairs etc. Are deliberately sending spikes to residents house alarms, electric gates etc. so that when employed by said resident to attend to these problems they will surreptitiously add devices to the home owners properties. This of course will not have been mentioned to people like rpm, IC and Debbie2. Conveniently left out? Given the right expert, with NO affiliations to anyone, I am certain I could prove these allegations.
The concept of monitoring the masses is inevitable.
I merely wish to point out that as a result, corruption WILL reach dizzying heights.
An update;
One of the giant overhead lights next to the freeway bridge on Jan Smuts has finally been activated.
My Controllers streetlight outside number 6 has remained on dim the whole week though the actual sensors twinkle brightly.
The sensor on the streetlight outside No. 4, aimed at Suzannes house, burns brightly.
Our bedroom sensor light is on but at very low strength.
The oscillator strategically placed next to my Controllers pool (haha) has been working flat out since yesterday morning.
After a pretty clear week the pins and needles and burning sensation in my hands is back.
Daniel over at wellinformed is running scared. He is a good kid but getting really involved here would mark him for life so I have no hard feelings at all.
My Controller scuttled off out last night, 5 minutes after I had shut down the PC. To party? To visit the Station? I ensure these days that he truly works hard to earn his fee...
a small aside here..... were the dead kids shoes lying next to the tree when the SAP arrived? Or did the current bush dweller(deliberately employed to harrass the residents in the area) help himself to them?
Sunday 3 September 2006 at 6.20am

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