Monday, September 25, 2006

A PM REPLY FROM SNOOPY_INC OF WELLINFORMED.CO.ZA: (to one of my usual incoherent shrieks for help heheh......)
Re: desperate measures....
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now you getting the picture... No i dont know them and no i havent met them... and no i was more preoccupied with making something of SA instead of playing trivia..... Tongue

All good and fine no harm done... Just please speak to me on a level that is NORMAL and not some wierd speech/think out loud kind of way.

We all human and we all have compassion but i think you need to gain a layer of "skin" so to speak and take it with a pintch of salt... talking matters on irc personally is never a good idea.

Anyway... please keep in mind that pm's are not here for chatting Wink

They are here when you have a problem with the site or have a personal problem with somone etc.

(I seem to think I was hoping he would intercede for me with my IRC attackers - What was I thinking?!!!!! lmao!!!)
Monday 25th September 2006 at 8.39pm

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