Sunday, September 24, 2006

The credits had hardly finished rolling last night at 7.00pm when the power went down. The only sign that trouble was coming was interference with the sound on the TV for the last 5 minutes of the program.
From our verandah and bedroom St. Theresa's sat in darkness. The traffic lights and streetlights under the freeway bridge heading down to Mayville were all functioning and to my left, Sydenham was a blaze of different coloured lights at the head of our valley.
So - just us in the valley out - including the new overhead freeway lights (which I must add, had been burning all day).
I took myself up to the top for a better view and found that from that angle at least, all the new faerie lights on the top floor of St. T's were glowing brightly and quite visible in the dark. Their controller could be seen scuttling about outside below the buildings. As a minor distraction, these new lights are VERY attractive.
Should any reader be passing this way in the wee hours of a dark morning, stop outside my place at Number 8 and see for yourselves.
And so, with no power, it was early to bed...
I looked out of the window just after 8.00pm in time to see the chopper flying over Brickfield Road heading North.
The power came back on at 9.30pm which meant 2 and 1/2 hours to connect what?
This morning, just after 3.00am we had to let Sophie out and I didnt bother going back to bed but went up the top for a dekko instead.
A fine array of new lights on the east end of St. T's!! It would appear that even the little toilet block above their playing field has now received electronic attention!
Ive not seen all four square orange lights burning ferociously at the same time since blogging them previously. Though they are clearly on, I have the feeling that I was not supposed to see them glowing at that strength all at once.
It would appear also, (just for a lark?) as though someone has slapped a sensor onto one of the garbage cans heheh...
Since deliberately putting sensors on some of the trees down in the valley all that while ago, I am fully aware of the Red Herring concept and am merely amused by it.
The question is now, has the front of St. Theresa's already been 'attended' to by the veritable army of wekkers that appear to have taken up permanent residence on the property? and what wonders decorate their Recreation Centre, for the most part hidden to me behind all the trees in the valley?
So - heres an open invitation to bring your portable oscilloscope/graph and your EMF meters and see for yourselves in the dead of night and unannounced, what amazing levels we are being subjected to as we bravely and for the most part, unknowingly, explore the 21st century.
How many cancers and brain tumors are stirring to the High Frequency wake up call?
Great work guys - you should be proud indeed of your Highly Technical Computerised Anti-Theft Devices heheh...
Monday 25th September 2006 at 4.39am.

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