Sunday, September 03, 2006

Before going up to the top for the full panoramic view this morning I can report that at 4.45am, Cassim's roof shone at full strength - the Controller's streetlight itself is still barely alive and has remained so all week, though its sensors burn as brightly as ever.
Interesting to see Kitt i, that in the past had a myriad of sensors, sits now absolutely dark and quiet at the top of the Controller's driveway.
I would guess that Missus Controller's latest vehicle has been temporarily adjusted to do Kitt i's job, which would explain the glitches with my electric doorbell over the past few weeks as she familiarised herself with the new vehicle?
This morning Clives garage wall also sits dark and quiet. Question is did he forget or deliberately not put the light on or is it also playing up? hmmm....
Whether or not that light makes any difference to the EMF that I feel is debatable. No nausea up until 4.50am though as I type this moment the pressure in my ears has increased dramatically.
The activation of yet another new freeway light is imminent heh. Its sensor glows live this morning.
I cannot help but feel this whole situation could be summed up by saying "the corrupt watching the corrupt".
Has Anyone bothered to inform our President of the finer details of this magnificent operation? Does he in fact have a clue? Or has he, like so many others, been informed only on a need-to-know basis?
I leave you with some names to conjure with:
Telkom, Eskom, ALL the SA muni electricity Depts. and
Ajay Pandey of Neotel, Raven Naidoo, RAMCO, Moodliar, Balliram, Koobair, Nayager, Nelan Govender?
Join the dots, find the link between all these names and you stand to win a prize......
Monday 4th September 2006 at 6.24am

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