Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A man worth blogging indeed.
Having written, signed and delivered a declaration of devotion to him some time back, I fully intend to keep my word.
It would appear that he has single-handedly turned our Station from being acknowledged as the most corrupt, to the top station in the province if not South Africa. I would hazard that he has also played a huge part in making it the richest station as well.
His personal blue and white helicopter flies overhead almost daily as he keeps an eye on progress made by the Municipality/Telkom workers and the Big Brother link-up. No doubt he frequently carries the electronics boffins with him as well.
In the past, and even now, I have some problems accepting the type of retribution meted out against ordinary citizens in this area but at last I Can see the bigger picture.
As regards crime in the area. I still insist that I will work with him to the very best of my ageing ability and it will be an honour to do so. He has, in my opinion, a streak of madness in him that I totally identify with, along with a complete lack of fear for anything.
Excellent attributes for a man in his position.
Sadly, I fear that he regards me as a complete raving idiot (true) and someone who Must be kept in line at all times.
After publishing my 'the lights are on but...' blog yesterday the writing was pretty much on the wall and last night we lost our connection.
Constantly given an Error 691 message and when the old man rang our server this morning tradepages, he was told that we had been capped!
Pretty much bollox though I still wait to hear what they told our tecchie Mo when he contacted them.
So dear Reader, you begin to understand why the "Control of the Great Unwashed...' blog makes sense?
Step out of line and you Will be shut down one way or another. Once cannot blame these smaller servers at all as they are forced to dance to the tune of a Higher Authority or lose their business.
Big Brother is here to stay and it will affect all of us eventually in one way or another. Those fortunate enough to be online will be easily punished should they transgress in any way - perceived or real.
As I wrote this out, Cassims house alarm sounded unchecked for the better part of the day. More alterations being done to the System that affects us all in this once peaceful little valley? Without a doubt yes.
I watched the Muni droogs work feverishly during the day wrapping the shiny bands around the bases of the new overhead Freeway lights. These lights have sensors on the back of the actual light one facing up into Sydenham and one down to Cato Crest, Effingham Heights.
They are finally alive and on as I type.
I still maintain that, from the air, a very clear pattern must be visible by the use of different strengths, types and colours of lighting though for what purpose escapes me.
My Controller AND Missus Controller have come home already... in the light of their early arrival are we to anticipate a power cut or surges? hmmm
Whatever happens now and in the future, I am and shall remain der Kommissars Toad, be that a good or a bad thing.
Tuesday 5th September 2006 at 5.34pm

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