Sunday, September 24, 2006

It occurred to me last night (thanx Gg :}) that Bali, my Controller, is an IRC cop? That would explain why everyone tippytoes around him so carefully and admires everything about him lol!! So i go google for Crooked IRC cops and find this at - i have to say i was highly entertained - enjoy.
Services and "IRC Cops": Services are only available on a few networks, such as WebNet, DalNet, and UnderNet. These services, such as NickServ, ChanServ, etc. allow users to keep their nicknames and channels protected so nobody can use them. When you register a nickname or channel, always use a password you will never remember and an e-mail address that doesn't exist such as i@rock.w00t. It may seem like using a password that you can easily remember is a good idea, but that's just there to trick you. If you didn't use incoherent passwords, there would be no need for IRC Cops to get your password for you, and then IRC would become an anarchaic wasteland filled with AOL users and people who like watching UPN. Not writing down your password will let you make connections with some IRC Cops and make an entrance into the inner circle of IRC l33t-ness.

hey whats up y0?
Not much.
can you g3t my p4zzw0rd for the nickname "jizzmaster"?
One second.
Looks like the e-mail you registered that nickname with is "oprah@is.fat.and.ugly". That's pretty creative. Would you like an o:line? An o:line will make you a cool IRC Cop like me and then you can kick people offline for no reason.
3r33t th4nx
n0 pr0bl3m f00

See how easy becoming an IRCop was? And it's so much easier than sitting around in official help channels for months and months at a time. There's also another route to become an "IRC Cop" for those of you who haven't mastered the art of being "l33t". Just ask stupid questions or say stupid things to impress people. Here are some good, real-life examples from IRC:

I am a Server Admin on a server : )
I am thailand
how do i use the warez command?

Kid29 obviously has IRCop expierence since he's an admin on a server. It doesn't matter what server, as long as he's an admin. And as for Guest, well, we wouldn't want to discriminate against the entire country of Thailand. You could also get creative using the following example:

hi, I like pastrami
Really? Me too? Do you like mustard?
yes, mustard and pastrami go together like peanut butter and jelly.
Wow, you're exactly like I am! Have an o:line!

Or go for the ultimate:
my firewall got too hot and it burned a hole in my ethernet, and my token ring fell out. can you help?
Wow, you're much smarter than I am. I have no idea. Here, take my o:line. I am no longer worthy.

Once you're an IRC Cop, you can go around and kill people for no reason and make them join channels like "#gaysex" and make fun of them. If they talk back, kill them.

Have fun!

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