Saturday, September 23, 2006

I was treated to a rather spectacular light show just after 4.00am this morning. Whether by accident or design is anyone's guess.
I sat on the top step and pretty much goggled at the new array of weird lights shining in the windows on the top floor of St. Theresa's dormitories. Big lights, small lights, tiny sensor lights and all different colours as well!
ALL the outside lights up at the Senior Boys Hostel suddenly went off at 4.10am *poof*!
As I watched, a guy in a dark jacket and trousers appeared. He eventually went into what I choose to call the Control Room (only because Ive seen so many of the wekkers in blue going in and out of it).
I came down at about 4.30am and looked again up at the first floor windows, this time from MY bedroom window, only to see that there were NO strange lights on at all. Amazing! So *sigh...back up the 52 stairs I climbed to make sure, and yes - all the weird lights had vanished.
A thing I must note here is that Cassim's roof sits dark this morning and I at last checked and found no dew on Plums car :{... Doubts automatically begin to seep into my pointed head - was Plum right all along and the roof is merely reflecting dew from the overhead light? the Jury is still out on this one - I shall just have to wait and see.
I was intrigued to see that the Hugely bright, dazzling light on the front of the building left of the dormitories, matches EXACTLY the colour of Sabeera's front gate ball lights. You know that faintly greenish lumo colour? The same palest green that glows faintly even though the light itself appears to be out?
Even if, as I now suspect, the Convent has its own resident Controller - it would be simple to put on a private 'show' just for this most fortunate of toads. :}
The very minute my back door is opened, one of the many visible sensors would alert my Controller, who would in turn call the Convent Controller. (the gentleman I saw 10 minutes after sitting myself down on the top step?)
My only criticism here is that it was a little untidy and slow. The convent guy should maybe invest in some cycling shoes for speed?
Maybe even borrow the black ones with the red and white pattern from the wekker up at Sabeera's house?
Having blogged that the little blue and white helicopter was up at least 3 times the other day... I was vastly entertained yesterday to see what must qualify as a chopper convention in town!
The first one that flew repeatedly overhead was a smashing out-of-the-box bright yellow and blue (which my old man tells me are official SAPS colours). Later in the morning I was treated to a smart red and white bird flying overhead. After that, I didnt bother to go out and look each time as I was exhausted from laughing.....
And finally - tis still the simple (and i do mean Simple) things that delight me.
The comment left on my blog a day or two ago that I 'know too much"? is truly hilarious. When you remember that at least 90% of my observations here are pure guesses and assumptions which I happily concede may be way off the mark
The things however that I actually SEE and HEAR are carved in stone.
Go figger......
Sunday 23rd September 2006 at 6.12am

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