Monday, September 11, 2006

This morning at 10 past 6am I watched a guy walking below my wall picking up dead wood. 15 minutes later smoke billowed up from Cassims property. Their own personal GateKeeper?
The amount of rubbish being deliberately dumped into the Parkland by the GateKeepers at St. Theresa's?
Then we have the BM stolen yesterday afternoon from the verge next door in SPITE of all the monitoring up there.
Once, I may have tried to do something about it all but today I merely sit and watch in wide-eyed fascination as the suburb is deliberately and systematically downgraded.
To what ultimate purpose? Controlling of the Masses comes to mind here but..... there are threads on the forum which speak of this total decline in standards, so its obviously country-wide.
My Controllers garbage bags being put out on the verge the night BEFORE collection? The bag people that wander up the Crescent on Pickup day, opening the bags in search of treasure and seldom tying them closed again.
The resulting mess left on verges that residents are expected to keep clean and tidy.
All small things yes, but nonetheless degrading the suburbs steadily.
I woke with a start this morning at 3.00am to hear the same strange background roar I have previously blogged. Only this time much closer and it stopped abruptly after 5 minutes.
Much work being done overnight on the Freeway bridge last night...
The Bedroom sensor was on bright this morning at 3.45am but soon after I had opened up the house it faded back to its dimmest strength. Cheeky...
The Controllers streetlight which has to all intents and purposes, been out for over 2 weeks now, appears to have its own sensor. No doubt invisible from the street itself, it burns bright and clear inside the actual glass, when viewed from S. bedroom window.
Kitt i sits huddled in the dark against the wall at the top of their driveway with no sensors visible to me. The special driveway light which is for some reason Never used, has a strange lumo glow about it, much like Clives garage light on the wall, when its not switched on.
Could it be the EM waves causing them to glow in spite of being switched off?
If any of you have a TriField Meter lying about idly, kindly drop it off at my place a.s.a.p.
Though the levels vary greatly, I do believe at times I could get that needle to jump right off the meter.
Regarding the new kid on the block.... it occurs to me he may just have been installed/introduced to diffuse ANY possible objections I may bring to the CPF Meetings? AS IF I WOULD DARE!!!
*Falling about laughing at this point....
His sudden arrival from Pietermaritzburg just in time for the elections, smacks strongly of a Power Play made by my Controllers Masters themselves and once again my interest is piqued.
I should be surprised if my Blog here is still accessible to any passing reader, but no matter - I blog regardless of an audience as you well know.
Monday 11th September, 2006 at 10.53am.

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