Friday, September 22, 2006

The bad news is - the Controller is irritable.. this means that someone has to pay. No guesses who that would be.
His latest brilliance is as I connect here Nortons flashes up an attack within seconds. Yesterday there were 7 attacks within the first minute.
This morning? Not even google would load, Outlook Express is stuffed and I didnt even bother to try loading blogger.
Petty, childish stuff but with the focus full on the freeway electronics at the moment, Im guessing he feels left out and peevish.
I, on the other hand, am having a slow but sure Coming Out Parade. Derision and disbelief simply bounce off my kevlar armor with ease and I shall continue to spread the word.
I really did like my idea of sealing off the properties from number 2 right up to Missus Kazees house methinks. Bring in a totally independent electronics wiz armed with gadgets to hunt gadgets? What surprises would be in store for which residents is anyones guess.
and St. Theresa's? a work of art as yet unfinished. I have to admit to amusement at the irony of using a religious establishment as a major control point.
The old dude driving the Municipal van with two workers yesterday? WTF were they digging for right on the sewage line down in the valley midmorning yesterday? Took them forever and not a large hole to show for it so? They eventually left behind a gaily striped stick marking the spot, a bright red plastic marker and a white sheet of card with WATER printed on it.
At some point in the early evening, the stench of raw sewage wafted into the house and hung about for an hour or so.
I Have to guess here..... Back we go to the deliberate opening of the Fire Hydrant opposite me a month or more ago... to release water pressure... then after that came the 'leak' up by the Assessment Centre which was allowed to flood down the crescent for nearly 2 days?
So here I would surmise that the water is going to be surged through the sewage line to ease the water pressure in the future? Out of sight, out of mind and the added bonus of the charming smell for the nearest residents lol..
Course tomorrow may prove this theory totally incorrect as so often happens.. another leak in the road itself and I will have to do a rethink on the fiddling with the sewage line... time will tell...
I left a query with Bruce Poole's assistant first thing this morning. asking whether he received my gmail sent last night regarding the current attacks on this PC. No reply as yet. Does Bruce see himself as part of the Control of the Masses scenario or would he be offended by the mere suggestion that he is being totally manipulated? Interesting to find that even wildly bright people subscribe to the school of self-delusion.
On Wednesday the chopper flew overhead at 8.10am, 11.45am and finally at 9.30pm. Since blogging its flight times here it has taken to flying just out of earshot but I still get lucky occasionally and watched as it zipped along the horizon the other night, heading south right down towards the airport? A huge way out of its official Sherwood/Sydenham jurisdiction but then, money is NO object here....
Since finding the visible white chalky effect coating Sophies plastic pool, I have set up my own small insurance protectors.
Though as I write, the Christmas beetles have faded somewhat in my hearing, I shall keep a close watch nonetheless.
Hopefully the huge fallout was a one-off error of judgement?
*winks at Bali.............
Friday 22nd September at 12.35pm

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