Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A lovely, grey day down here in Durban.
Two workers still beavering away up on Sabeera Samuels roof. When finished, it will no doubt light up as prettily as Cassims does.
The ubiquitous sound of a power saw close by taking out more beautiful trees to achieve Line of Sight.
I stood at the top 20 minutes ago, watching the workers over at St. Theresa's busily welding more stuff for Our Greater Good.
On Monday I scrubbed out the birdbaths, the hadedas pool and Sophie's green plastic 'splash pool'. They tend to get quite skanky in only 2 or 3 days.
The dark green plastic tub turned out to be quite a surprise. It stands in the shade of some large shrubs and usually gets that brown colour to the water. This time however, the whole bottom of the tub had gone snow white with streaks of white all over the sides up from the water.
I scrubbed it all out with a scourer and refilled it.
I googled 'visible effects of EMF on plastic' and it made some sense.
"chalky, brittle effect". Yebo - indeed....
As whatever happened to turn the tub white like that, must of occurred within 2 or 3 days at the longest, I have to again point out that there are cowboys out there!
Now at last I have a tangible means of seeing the unacceptable levels of EMF in the area.
Then again, the levels I am personally taking in the early evening as I sit at the PC are laughable. Does my Controller even bother to deny it, or is it now unanimously agreed that the sooner I am gotten rid of the better?
Melodramatic to be sure, but the truth.
Extreme dragging on the keyboard this morning shows just how obsessed he is. Not on soul is brave enough to actually contact me heheh...
I figure by now a few may have had doubts about whether or not I AM taking personal attacks as I claim - but they would have been tactfully reminded of the consequences of assisting this toad.
I am not in the least embittered by their apparent cowardice - they are after all, realists.
I have always been partial to the sound of Christmas beetles when they begin their singing in December. So I tell myself now that the non-stop singing in my head is a Good thing, though my teeth ache as I sit here.
My Controller's eldest has been dropped off early from school. Does he have his children tested regularly? Are there even tests available for over-exposure to EMF?
Does Missus Controller lie awake nights worrying about this - or does she blindly believe that they are safe?
Only time will tell..........
Wednesday the 20th September at 11.39am.

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