Saturday, August 26, 2006

Sunday 27th August 2006 at 5.44am:
Nice to hear my Controller enjoying the rugby game with his mates yesterday afternoon.
I was standing up the top this morning just after 4.00am to see whether there have been any major changes and yes, but odd things that I certainly cant explain.
There is now a clear reflection of most of the 'machinery' tower etc, tucked into the Controllers patio, on his lounge window.?
I was huffing out dragon's breath on the steps and yet my face and hands were warm as toast. Which reminds me to say that last night sitting here in front of the PC was like sitting in front of a heater. There WAS heat coming from it and I could clearly feel it on my face. How weird is that? Absolutely nothing to do with hot flushes as I can safely say I am an expert in that particular department.
A similar occurrence last week when I'd been at the PC and 10 minutes later went to brush my teeth and my face was totally RED!
Some sort of complicated psychosematic symptoms/reaction or just another demonstration of my Controllers irresponsible behaviour? Half an hour ago sitting writing this all down, there was huge pressure and crickets singing loudly in my pointed head.
Tis as if the strength/levels of EMF had doubled since..... since what?
Even the sounds as he 'activates' the various jackpoints here in the lounge are considerably louder.
A sensor on Bali's streetlight facing the Newtons house was activated this morning. And i notice that just for a laugh? the sensor has been put back on Bali's fountain.
A big power dip at 7.47pm last night.
The very bright green sensor light on the metal awning covering Bali's patio is still there as always.
After writing this all down the cricket song in my head changed pitch and I went to let Sophie out the front to find the temperature had dropped considerably. As you all know Im not capable of 'researching' things so this is just an account, however rambling and difficult to follow, of what I see and feel.
The Force IS with me......

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