Tuesday, August 29, 2006

29th August 2006 - Tuesday at 5.08pm
The amount of crime here in Sherwood over just the past week in no way changes my view that we ARE indeed being monitored. How foolish to have even thought for a second that it would protect us in any way.
The fact that Mo has now been targeted doesn't surprise me in the least. Sherwood and Sydenham have truly been sold down the river.
The sound of a power-saw earlier this morning led me to wonder immediately whose tree would be blocking the precious Line Of Sight. Sure enough, on going up to the road I see the huge old tree on Cassims property being taken down to ground level. This should of course give a much better result when activating the Moth Cottage monitors right up to Royce Love and beyond.
The chopper flies constantly overhead day and night, checking on progress.
Ive lost count of the times my electric doorbell has rung unaided lately.
Yesterday at 4.00am in the dark of the morning I noticed a distant roaring sound. As if 200 motorbikes were idling - or a 50knot wind was howling through the gum trees across the way.
Though harder to isolate, a few hours later it was still there in the background. Couldve been coming from as far away as Natal Command with the East wind behind it or as close as St. Theresa's.
The new overhead freeway lights are gradually being activated though the ones directly on the 'decorated' bridge have yet to come on.
For the past few days a house alarm has been going on and on somewhere up in Sydenham. I have to wonder who will be getting the next amazingly cheap offer of having their alarm sorted out for next to nothing (and additions made without their knowledge).
This morning I find that my harddrive has developed a nasty rattle. Are we to be shut down once again?
Despite the many similar attacks over the past 7 years - I dont recall it ever deterring me in my search for the Truth?

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