Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Wed. 2nd August 2006 at 6.11am:

As the tumblers click loudly and finally into place & realization manages to get its sneaky foot in the door, the Toad runs round in ever diminishing circles desperate to find a persona that can accept the inevitable....

Are there any among you that would administer the coup de grace? Indeed I think not.
Last night I couldnt sleep (not a problem I am over familiar with), so I crept out onto the verandah for a fag and a cough.

Sitting there it came to me how ironic it is that my Blog is titled "Humming..."
Am I a precog after all? Sort of? My ears literally sang to me. In no way painful but of course could affect animals in rather a different fashion...
And as i come here and begin typing? The TV suddenly screams with a static rush and once again my ears go deaf and waves of what? batter my eardrums.
Time to implode?

I AM the #forumproject

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