Wednesday, August 02, 2006

and the Toad stood on the burning deck
With a Telkom noose around its neck.....
Who can I blame ? bah! Nobody at all but my inarticulate ramblings heheh...
My posts (well the majority of them as Cacklin) have certainly been about the telecoms industry in this country.
Not of course the official, legal telecoms industry but the other, darker side.
as skydog will no doubt have reported, I am not even a reliable reporter on that matter despite having a passionate,
near obsessive interest in the Municipalities so called Wireless rollout. I for instance, could not even remember whether
my DroneMasters roof was blue or grey when asked heh....
I am sadly outnumbered and totally outsmarted (*) on the Forums as many of you I'm sure will have succumbed
to the pot of gold currently * being offered by Municipalities for good IT workers. My DroneMaster himself, charming
as he is, will personally have recruited many of the forumites.
Having to resort to attempts at poetry to try and get my point across merely confirms my utter lack of communication.
Time to finally take the hint? To those who have been really kind to this toad over the years I thank you. and yes, melodramatic
or not I am anxious as to the amount of Electric Magnetic Waves coursing through this particular small valley as I type.
Hopefully one of you with some ethics or morals or whatever will insist that these levels are checked. I see tis an EMF Digital combination
meter that I seek. Already the sensors/transmitters/cameras guarding our verge have been turned down and I see Cassims roof two doors down
is totally dark tonight. I anticipate the Muni workers swarming all over it tomorrow morning as soon as I leave home. I would be the first to
say that I am susceptible to suggestion & inclined to melodrama but the dogs in the area (and there are many) feel this EMF and go absolutely nuts.
I have no idea what stories circulate about the horrendous behaviour of the toad but see clearly how useful the Code Of Silence and Total Ignore can be.
Nobody has to answer to anything at all that way - Very handy indeed and an efficacious method of covering up extremely dodgy behaviour heheh..
May I wish you all well and though through force of habit more than anything I shall no doubt pop in regularly in hopes of the occasional guffaw, I resolve
to NOT waste forumites bandwidth from now on :} There are some wonderful people on this Forum and they do stand out clearly, people who would be appalled
if they knew what was Really happening out there but hey......
Go well...


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