Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Found in OffTopic on myadsl.co.za

*think it will be something along the lines of multiplexed channel fibre, but using different colours of light for each channel. I think they are already using this in Telkom somewhere.
Means they can add more users and not have to increase the infrastructure...you know like may more people PAY and give then same service...ahh sounds all too familiar Reply With Quote

*Could this be the answer ??? OMW COULD it>?? That all the new lights draped on St. Theresa's Convent have such varying colours? hoooohooooooo howzat dudes? Course I still dont have a clue what channels for what but lol, at least its some sort of answer? I just cant get over how many deep oranges, nearly white and even greens there are :} Just luck hey heheh....

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