Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Since last nights rather feeble effort at blogging nothing much has changed.
Still way too many lights on over at St. Theresa's. They are looking decidedly wealthy. So I stood there at 4.00am this morning in the dark, wrapped in my anorak and clutching my ubiquitous notebook - wondering how to record faithfully those lights that I could see.
A tall order indeed.
The Senior Boys hostel is almost totally hidden behind the gumtrees and offers only tantalising glimpses of all the new lighting that they too have acquired.
As with most of my TransmitterSpotting, a stroke of luck after the sun rose...at the very top of what I would guess is Piedmont Road across the Freeway to the south? What appears to be an electricity pole with a really large white box attached to the top. I'm betting this box has a perfectly clear Line of Sight to St. Theresa's? Bingo?!
I'm also betting that in particular, the gerzillion candle-power lights randomly placed are not random at all and, apart from blinding and distracting the casual onlooker from the smaller & more interesting lights, these are some sort of map to be followed by the helicopter?
The very same helicopter that spends hours every week at a cost of what? R3/R4ks an hour on fuel alone, following the path of these lights as each section is wired up by the Muni?
Still as interesting as ever dont you think?
*my anorak and my notebook will comfort me..
Surely dementia and derangement will follow me all the days of my life
and i shall dwell in the House of the Loon forever

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