Monday, July 31, 2006

Monday 31st July at 8.53pm:

I am perplexed to say the least. For one foolish yet brief moment I entertained the thought that just possibly, someone NOT belonging to the Grand Scheme had read one of my inane posts and thought to independently do a drive-by. Well, haha....NOT... Amazing that after all this time I can still resort to these marvellous dilusional thoughts :}

And of course tonight I see that ALL the sensors verge facing are switched down to their lowest strength heheh. a cunning plan indeed lol. I will of course, still treat those particular streetlight poles as LIVE always. I shall try and do a better pic of St. Theresa's fascinating new lighting and what a fine array of different lights there are indeed *chokin..... I think that as long as I ask myself 'what exactly is the purpose of a particular light?' it should be fairly easy to eliminate the genuine ones. The panels of course are a different kettle of fish altogether and do not sadly, glow in the dark... well, not yet anyway heheh...

I wonder now whether Everyone has been told the same story from the getgo? That it has all been a big joke against an Attention Seeking Nuisance? Joke? well um that is the distinct impression ive had all along.. that the real darkness was hidden behind this hilarious joke ja?
That there was never any intention to harm or damage anything or anyone right? Just a joke?

I looked at my gate that had been kicked in the other day when I went up to speak to the young SAPS dude there? Yes, the same youngster that had seen fit to First call at my DroneMasters house before coming to the address he had been given? and I wonder how much of a joke that was? hmmm....

A really nice CPF Meeting tonight and yet more new members. Even a new Councillor which could ultimately prove interesting. lol I take it the fact that my harddrive is screaming here as i type means that you are making Your copy Balliram? mwaaah xxxxxxxxx

I stuck to my resolve tonight and kept my thoughts to myself except for the little chat I had to the nearest lightpole lmao!!!! the nice new metal bands wrapped round the bottom prompted me to approach & say hi (just in case of course). I still find you fellows awfully amusing at times I have to say. The array of lights in my DroneMasters garden that I have only recently spotted filled at least a page of my notebook lol... do you tell all your friends that you are paranoid? I bet you dont ..... for if i were to count just the sensors that i can see including Kitt i and Kitt ii you would surely be sent for Therapy yourself lol....

But hey ho ever onwards and upwards if the motto..... consider this a small blog applauding you for the wise actions taken regarding the street light poles ... i mean you REALLY never know rite? Do you play poker dear DroneMaster? Do you? you know then that you should Never reveal your hand right? No matter how tempting it is ? Hokay with that thought, I leave you.

nite nite....xx

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