Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Thread called "Whats with all the cabling on the streetlights?" in myadsl forums my comment:

Rasputyn; *He recons that it might be the SNO using Eskom's existing infrastructure (light poles in this case) to develop their network.

It makes sense seeings that overhead infrastructure at this point would be a hell of a lot easier to install than digging everything up.*

Aha! At last someone is awake heheh.... now pay attention julle and hopefully rasputyn will tell you what Ive been whittering on about all this time. Tis Telkoms contribution to Big Brother and the Muni lol. Eish u guys ... and well done to rasputyn for his efforts.... forget telephone poles and think streetlight poles in Every case ! If u could just get your heads round - for SNO read Muni it might make some sense lol......hopefully u have a 5pixel or bigger camera as mine just wont take the twinkly lights at all...but try driving along the same route in the dark again and see if you can see sensor lights on the actual streetlight poles and photograph them for posterity? Then MOVE house.... your dad is so easy to trace and repurcussions, believe me i'm right there, Will occur in one way or another if you poke around too much lol.... be they enormous spikes, power cuts or something more subtle, his life will be made hell .... go carefully and keep up the excellent work.....

Scarred for Life - No Compensation

And I fully believe now that i AM invisible heheh... for I have to say that once the shiny silver bands are wrapped around these nice black cables? Eh ... I talk to the trees lol no matter :}

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