Tuesday, August 15, 2006


An extremely busy night last night… I fell asleep without a problem and then Sophie woke me. After that I was wide awake. The single chirrup from my Master, Nobby getting agitated and then the big dog barking up at St. Theresa’s. You could almost see the force as it worked its way up the valley.

At 11.55pm a noise – Nobby had just freaked out totally and then the weird bright light on our wardrobe doors. As if there were a car behind the tiboushina trees at Balis and it had its lights shining in our room... Not the first time this has happened.
But, logistically impossible so……. that disappeared and another flash so up I got and sure enough, the strange, erratic light flashing low down at the far end inside Bali’s garage. Sort of like a neon light shorting? In fact, if the garage window had been open I would expect to hear a buzzing sound.
The Oscillator in the fron garden has now been altered and the noise it makes is markedly different. Fascinating…..

I go outside in the dark this morning and see this morning that Cliffy Haupt has joined the ranks so to speak. Ive not noticed that bright light before?
The wind is possibly the reason that this morning at 4.30am for the first time, my Bedroom ‘telephone’ pole sensor has been fully activated. At least three sensors facing the verandah. Probably necessary due to the wind disturbance?

I would swear that Suzannes electricity / streetlight pole has had a good few additions made to it too.

And now to the crux of the matter…

Driving around Sherwood last Saturday, I have reached the conclusion that Bali IS the Controller for Sherwood and parts of Sydenham. Sure you may have learner droogs at his College of the Crooked, but he nonetheless, remains the TopDog.

The question here is: Just WHO monitors the Monitor?
At what – aged 33 – SURELY a sense of some responsibility should have been acquired by now? Fond as I am of the young man, it tends to make me irritable when:

He blocks me from playing the mind-numbing Trivia.
He takes down my webmail permanently
He disallows me to google search say, the effects of over-exposure to EMF’s,
(in fact my search just tossed me straight back to Desktop)
The dragging on my keyboard and slowing down and the harddrive going nuts.
The two gentlemen blatantly waiting for my old man to come home on Friday night in our driveway. Thwarted due to an alert neighbour and that WOULDN’T be Bali :{

I know that I just have to shut up here online and I become useless to you all.
Surely, however demented and inarticulate I am – this has got to be a unique situation?
I report back on what its like living in what I believe is an Electro Magnetic Field of Gigantic proportions no matter what Balis readings may show. Why, doctored logs was how I first met the dear boy…But I digress – I do not find it fitting any longer that Bali resort to such pettiness and irresponsible behaviour.

If my whitterings have become of no further use or interest in your tests, I ask that you administer the coup de grace or rein him in.
He cannot please both his Masters and must choose now which to serve.
Is it to be History made with small honour or running with the crooked and eternal dishonour?

An amusing aside? Popeye is fully on the run…. He is deliberately keeping the Noble Eleanor away. Some kind soul should tell him that it wont work. In fact, quite the opposite – tis like a red flag to a Toad. He has good reason to sweat.


15th August 2006 @ 2.28pm 630 words.

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