Saturday, August 12, 2006

that once again it is the small things that bring enlightenment..
My mild irritation at your blocking my access to trivia today has now turned to extreme alarm.
I spoke clearly to both my visitors so that you wouldnt/couldnt miss what I was saying.
What you have for so long insisted was just a jolly game, to teach me a lesson, has begun to reveal the true darkness of its nature.
At this precise moment my humour eludes me altogether.
My question for some time has been ' why must all this fibre optic cable laying etc. be done on the quiet?'
and finally today i have the answer as clear as can be. Because you don't know what you are doing and expect casualties.
Only unlike signing up for drug trials willingly wouldnt work with this particular Grand Scheme now would it?
Now, do I get off my butt finally and go door to door and see exactly How Many residents are displaying similar symptons? Pins & needles, ears ringing and nausea? Not to mention the weird stuff with the electricity supply? Do I? Am I now being forced to be a bfkte Messenger or still just the Fool?
Tell me Master - after all, you have ruled my life for 7 years so surely you have an answer for me here?
This native grows restless in the extreme......
I would suggest that tonight you sleep with your fingers firmly crossed and pray that this is just some really amazing coincidence and not as I suspect a trend in the Sherwood area.
August 12th 2006 @ 8.09pm

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