Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I can picture the red-eyed Allen Spence elbowing the somewhat shorter consumers out of his way as he fills his truck with the latest hi-tech fibre-optic cables and all manner of receivers/transmitters.
After that it gets a bit hazy and I have to guess the truck made its way down to New Delhi from where it was shipped to Durban?
On arrival here, the entire contents of said truck simply fell off the back?
This morning my Masters streetlight glows weakly but still very much alive, according to the decorative sensors.
One of the overhead lights on Jan Smuts appears to have had attention since yesterday which would explain the orange-vested Muni droog sitting on Cassim's verge trying to look inconspicuous while casting furtive glances in my direction? Guardian of the Light wekkers? I am now struggling to blog all the sensors as they go up. Just way too many and these are only the ones visible to me.
Did I forget to tell you that the Gatekeeper who gave me the cocky wave from St. Theresa's playing field last week, was wearing the identical floppy hat to the dude in my photo of a wekker 'adjusting' something on Clive's garage wall? Nope, not a standard Muni sun hat but one with a distinct trim on it heheh..
and now - can we expect massive destructive spikes when Bali's streetlight is reactivated ?

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