Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Brian Osborne. Worked most if not all of his life for the Durban Muni Electricity Department. Retired and is now running the Flame Lily Retirement Centre.
It was either in 2004 or 2005 that he decided that the tenants of the 6 Moth Cottages lining Harris Crescent, Sherwood, should clear their fence boundaries.
Mr. Osborne then had new fencing erected around each of the cottages and told the tenants to clear ALL the shrubs, plants, creepers and trees away from these fences.
We did think at the time that he had totally lost the plot.
Of course, with hindsight, I realise now that the purpose was to facilitate the now ubiquitous Line of Sight for the unethical tests being done in Sherwood by the Municipality and Telkom and ?
All along the way in my search for the truth, I haved stumbled over devout self-confessed christians. I would wager that Mr. Osborne attends his church regularly and yet.....
I would guess that Charles Newton and his family were allocated a subsidised Moth cottage 2 or 3 years ago. Last year I was told that young Charles had been appointed to the Board of Trustees! Wow!
and then a few months ago, one of their 2 young sons told me that they were moving up to Witbank to live and *poof* as I type this, they have been long gone.
Charles, however, has moved his mother into the cottage and he commutes between Witbank and Durban regularly. An expensive life-style for one who is living in a charitable and subsided accommodation but.... his mother appears to spend her days shut indoors and seldom ventures outside. Possibly something in the Sherwood air that disagrees with her?
It is wonderful that their 2 young sons have been able to move up to the clean air of Witbank.
Did Mr. Osborne suggest the move? Why?
As he sheds tears over his second wife dying of cancer, does he consider the fate of residents who still live on in this area - unknowing and unaware of what is happening? Little wonder I view the average christian with cynicism.
A small experiment would be to contact all of these Sherwood residents in say, 7 years time and check on their family's health?
Theres a chance that Brian Osborne wont be around but I figure that the Projects Manager, Allen Spence would be the man to discuss these results with.

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