Thursday, August 17, 2006

First off - my theory that Jean N across the road, may be cowering under her bed for fear of radiation sickness, is herewith debunked.
I spoke to R. today and was told that Jean actually leaves the area altogether to go to work from about 6.00am till evening. A wise woman.
Bali's street light is still set on dim but oddly enough the verge sensors on his pole (three of them in this instance) have been cranked up again after a noticable absence. My series up to Paddy burns all day. (Carefully switched off till after the rush hour in the mornings and then back on to stay)
I noticed the crazy, weird flashing light still hard at work in Bali's garage when I got up around 4.00am this morning.
The streetlight pole at the very top of Piedmont Road that i blogged recently? has only a sensor light shining today though Im sure it used to burn with a blinding intensity.
The freeway bridge was activated this morning and looked stunning! There is now a sensor light clearly visible at the very top of the new overhead light as well, while Cassims roof was enabled to its maximum strength.
I stopped at P's on the way out shopping this morning to suggest that she pull plugs out for safety as a Telkom bakkie and a lahnee car were parked outside her place. 3 droogs studying the pole on the corner of her property. Two managed to scuttle away and hide and the one i collared insisted that they werent planning on laying fibre-optic cable. He looked remarkably like part of the Mike Oliver coven with his shaven head heheh. Early afternoon I saw what looked to be an freeway overhead light burning full on but cant yet figure out where it was. Way behind Piedmont Road?
and thats it so far.......
17th August 2006

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