Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Noon on Tuesday 8th August 2006:
A first in all the months since we went with iBurst. I try connect and am given repeated Error 676 The Phone line is busy messages. ?? And dear Plum assured me that the reason we were making the change was because NO phones were involved... ah the gullibility of a tard once again ....My Master was doing his Oscar performance when it came time to leave for the office this morning. Only too often does he dance about claiming there is a problem with his electric gates... this usually forecasts the arrival of his 'electrician' who makes many more adjustments than just to the gates. Could this be the reason for the iBurst failure? Im not holding my breath.....
and so on to the Paranoia Game...
where Everyone is Guilty till proven Innocent. With this Golden Rule in mind I look in the direction of Freddie Cochran and His Pilot Lights up at Number 12.
I recall Val telling me that Fred is an accountant. Who decided within the last year to work from home?
In the very few dealings Ive had with Fred, he has come across as terse and unfriendly. I guess I make him nervous.
Why would that be? Whose books does he keep and why did he get preferential treatment for his adsl line?
Why on earth would Telkom and the Muni boys go to the trouble of installing an electricity pole in place of a standard telephone pole just for Freddie?
Yes dears, I do realise that it raised him above the Scum of the Earth level that the rest of us down this end of Harris Crescent have been labelled for years.
That he is excluded from attacks directed at the rest of us via the series of lights from my house up to Paddy is glaringly obvious.
My question is: who does he work for? He has a Gatekeeper that comes and goes with Mthinyane written all over him. He guards the valley electricity pole and what else?
Time to pressure Val into attending the CPF Meetings? Maybe....
Speaking of poles - the adjustments and additions made to the pole outside no. 4 (Basil's) a.k.a. Suzannes Tribulations? I'll wager that Thursday last week was the day Suzanne lost her landline never to return?
Though not visible at all while standing on the verge, moving inside and standing on my driveway reveals the sensor shining in all its malevolent glory at her house.
The same of course, applies to my Masters pole (pardon me) outside No. 6 Harris Crescent. In a springclean worthy of the two hags on telly, nary a light/sensor now shows at first glance. However, step INSIDE my property and there they are, with Kitt i and Kitt ii literally twinkling as back-up.
and so, back to Freddy... just where does he fit into this Master Plan?
As i write this the half-wit employed as the Sister Theresa's Gatekeeper nips from gumtree to gumtree across the valley, imagining himself to be invisible. a pillock indeed.......

PS now 3.27pm and my Master flew home when an Emergency Crisis Vehicle complete with flashing red lights and a team of at least six men arrived to deal with a fire hydrant. Weirdest thing was there didnt appear to be anything wrong at all with the fire hydrant.... they just opened it up and let some water out and that was that? ho hum... training session? Naa they all looked like fully qualified except for the dude hiding in the cab. Anyways it made for a nice few pictures on the camera and my Master has restored my line for a bit.


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