Monday, August 07, 2006

I've been catching up on the Sunday papers and am grossed out by our City Managers remarks regarding Cherise Cox the Metro Policewoman wounded in the line of duty.
For him to suggest that Ms. Cox (shot in the stomach by an allegedly stolen Metro Police gun) has had 'people messing with her head' is implying that she is unstable. Is this a trend I see before me?
Pull the other one Mike - you must of picked up the wrong portfolio there. Surely thats the excuse reserved for Toads who cry foul at the Muni's illegal laying of fibre-optic cables + accessories on private property - in many case without the owners knowledge or permission?
Massive damage done to your already dodgy image on this one so... may I suggest that you get off your butt and do EVERYTHING possible for this young woman.
Not just words Mike, put your money where your mouth is and heaven knows you have access to plenty of that.
See to it that this wonderful brave person does not have to worry about her future in any way ever again.
PS: and kindly Forbid Logie Naidoo from being in any more press photos for at least a year. There is a point when it just becomes too much.

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