Thursday, August 10, 2006

Euphemistically speaking of course. But I do enjoy the little valley more with the Freeway lights off.
It would, of course, be too much to ask the PTB to warn us prior to these same lights being activated once the fibre optic cables have all been laid?
The 2 Really nasty spikes at 6.30pm and again at 7.20pm on Friday 4th last week? Could they have had anything to do with the adjustments made to our streetlights on Thursday the 3rd? Yes, Flo tells me they were busy with my Masters streetlight as well that day.
However, all was well on the Thursday evening so.... just a couple of Spikes for Spite methinks?
My coffee date with Jacky this morning was fine. She knows lots of weird stuff and when she could get a word in, was highly entertaining.
My options now, have narrowed even further and I wait with Great Interest to see just how much, if anything jullet gehoor?
The choices left to me now are truly difficult and as always they involve waiting ....
You are all 10 steps ahead of me as a rule but this time? Can you move quickly enough? I'd wager thats a yes....
*sigh.... my DroneMaster grows thin..... is this deliberate or due to his current* line of work? Worrying it is indeed...
I am also amused at how I have been herded into the wellinformed corral heh.... you had almost given up on that?
Hmm... psyche 1:
a) make it feel totally unwanted
b) offer it a new and welcoming home?
10th August 2006

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