Wednesday, August 02, 2006


*sigh - have just copied my sign-off post made in OffTopic last night. The writing has certainly been on the wall for ages but I had deliberately chosen to ignore it. I will have to come in and read it here regularly as Ive long had a tendency to forget things previously written and promised heheh..
And so I stand before you naked as a jaybird so to speak. When I teetered for years under the so called aegis of my server mweb? That was an extremely stressful situation but pales now that I have nowhere at all to run. I shall certainly post on myadsl if I have to but predict I will have problems doing so.

My DroneMasters Victory Roll came as I turned off my bedside light last night. the Nobster began barking and was totally distressed. Of COURSE Bali will deny being the cause of his barking. As he has denied many of the claims ive made.
Heartening to see this morning the lights on Cassims roof have been turned down so to speak. Certainly not off as they are still clearly visible, but down. Damage Control is encouraging however little.

The verge streetlights are down to the point of non-existent visibility. Wise ja... course you can still see various sensors shining brightly when you look from the bedroom windows. Even the Tardis tucked into his little Patio round the front has been judiciously re-arranged and now only one of the 3 green lights shows on his monitoring equipment. The array of sensor lights in his garden as you go down the stairs from his driveway? Turned right down heheh.... If I hadnt seen them quite so clearly I would question that they ever existed.

As I sit here now typing yes I am getting his FULL attention. My ears have almost gone deaf heheh... that would be from the fairly large panel (at least 2ft square) left unpainted under Clives Bathroom windows. :} Approx 20 to 25 feet from where i sit here. This section was 'dealt with' before adding the final coat of paint to match the rest of the house and though I have NO idea what it is that was done I do know that it makes me feel decidedly ill and my ears dont behave lol.

I am truly more animal than human (think ageing Collie?) and though I truly think that only a very select few have access to this Blog if ANY other than my DroneMaster? I shall continue to keep you updated here as this ship sinks.

I know I could disable the Comments section . Amazingly yes I figured it out. But I do find it interesting that i have started getting mails purporting to be comments on this Blog.
If you have a comment? Make it here why dont you? I will not be opening any mails over the way in a hurry.

I have no regrets and have found this whole thing to be a Learning Experience. I am yours as always, the


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