Monday, August 21, 2006

and Master of none.... and so i shall try to refer to Bali as MyController or TheController henceforth..... Indeed he has a finger in so many pies and plays on the greed and gullibility of many... I often wonder whether he realises how much he in turn, is manipulated.
I finally got round to reading the Femina September issue and the article "Are cellmasts making you sick" by Biddi Rourke.
Thankfully Ive not yet turned blue despite having some of the symptoms mentioned in the article...i.e. nausea, now constant ringing in the ears (like a chorus of crickets sometimes louder than others) pins and needles frequently and over-heating. It is fairly obvious that the EMF here in the Sherwood valley is way above the acceptable levels.
Brain tumors (Im in with a chance in that area) premature senility - now That is a worry. On average, people really dont want to know about these things. A small flurry of interest and it will be forgotten once again.
My idea of doing a sort of 7Up follow up to all this testing here should prove interesting. If i take it from when the initial setup was put in place on our poles, that would be 2004.
Big changes next door at MyControllers house today. a driver and no less than 3 workers with a long ladder? Swarming up the walls... would appear to have installed a Further aircon unit though who knows its real purpose. Certainly not me though Ive no doubt it will reveal itself soon enough.
He has been having problems along the way as on Saturday night I noticed what I call his Emergency light on in the garage at the same time as the flashing busy light at the Other end was going on. All the while HIS streetlight sits on the dimmest setting it can.
Some of the decorative sensors blogged previously in his garden have since been removed. Most noticably the one sitting on the garden!!
Yet with all the work he surely must be busy with, he STILL finds the time to interfere with our system. The keyboard drags constantly now and today he summarily closed Port 6667 disconnecting me from efnet trivia. Sort of sad. And no way can i reconnect.
Again I find it disturbing that this is the Powers That Be's choice of Controller /Monitor for such a large section of the Sherwood Sydenham neighbourhood. If he cant control HIS OWN petty behaviour when totally unprovoked, I imagine there will be a great deal of fun and games when we are ALL linked up. Oh yes, I can just picture the flashing grin and the shrug as he says " haha u guys KNOW she is crazy" right?
The choice/choosing of such a densely populated area for this Project leaves me cold. Was this a stipulation made by the initiators/authors of this Grand Scheme? One would have to think so. Of very small consolation is the knowledge that by at least 2008 most of the perpetrators of this technological nightmare will be bald as coots.
Our streetlights (mine up to Paddys) were turned off during the day at last, both yesterday and today. Interesting? The bridge is dark and hasnt lit up again since I blogged it... I wait for that thrill to reoccur. Still visible sensors though few. I hear in the distance in Sydenham somebodys house alarm going and have to wonder if they are being sent spikes as they did to Cassim to allow the wekkers to make him an offer he simply couldnt refuse while decorating his house with great swathes of fibreoptic cable heheh.... will have to try and contact them and ask after their health..
Jacky? Well yes - as expected - Jacky still has no phone and her Internet is playing up. Absolutely no surprises there...
And so farewell.....

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