Thursday, August 03, 2006

Another busy Thursday nearly over. No trivia to distract me with the shutout over in searchirc so instead I just think.
As anticipated the Muni were very busy around Sherwood while I was out at the shops. 2 Contract workers in a huge lorry using an articulated lift were 'adjusting'
more cable near Shakoors house and a Muni bakkie scuttled down Cassims little service road as I parked my car.
Later in the day the guys with the lift were busy on streetlights by Basils and Cassims and it sounded like they were making a LOT of deliberate noise to attract attention?
Several power dips in the houselights already and its only 6.00pm :{
I have to wonder whether we can anticipate yet Another power cut to enable these alterations and additions made? Probably.
The more I think about the blatant use of a solid RC institution such as St. Theresa's to further the greed of the Muni/Govt. the more fascinated I become. The absolute irony of it all !
Will the EMF be cranked up to the next level after these adjustments made today? Will ALL the residents bordering this once peaceful little green zone begin sprouting tumerous growths like mine and will dogs heads implode?
I used to think Plum had the answers to nearly every question I asked him but sadly, I now have to concede that this is not the case at all.
Workers up at Godfreys earlier this evening? Not worth adding to the Pot?
The matter of myadsl is Not a trainsmash. Its been coming for a long time and I do think after the Skype chat with skydog it was decided to hasten my demise. I do after all, know rather more than I should.
The question you all should ask yourselves is EXACTLY how much more heheh...
*sigh I kid julle and there is absolutely no need for stressing yourselves. As I simply dont know What to do with the information I have and certainly won't be jabbering on about it to Anyone soon :P
Meanwhile I must enquire at our next CPF Meeting why the current* Mother Superior has not been invited to attend our meetings.
She could possibly give a short talk on all their new 'security' lighting and whether it works and also whether any of the residents of that particular dorm. block are complaining of frequent nausea and headaches? Since all the new installations that is?
The fact that my DroneMaster allows his children to play outside on the odd occasion doesnt allay my fears at all. I would bet that the EMF is turned down if not off for the very few instances they are allowed out round the front and the rest of the time? The sky is the limit ja.
Now - do I paste this over in myadsl? After all, I have not yet been banned? The only major change is that I have finally acknowledge the Cowardly Code of Silence pffffttt.....

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