Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wednesday 30th August 2006 at 8.56am:
This blog title alone is deserving of a smack right? But hang on a sec before you allow me to be fried.. (btw, the noisy harddrive mentioned yesterday seems to have sorted itself out thanks :P)
I have given you and yours information and feedback that you wouldnt have had without my constant waffling. And so, I shall continue as always (unless of course I meet with an 'accident' along the way haha..)
I have lots of questions regarding our new young Councillor Christians. He was Very forthcoming last night about the Munis Broadband Linkups but managed to flap off swiftly rather like a stork before he could be asked any REAL questions.
Who does the young man belong to? And I dont mean which Party ...
He was recruited from Pietermaritzburg to stand for Sherwood - why?
He is exactly the right age and has the looks and hairdo of someone in either IT or electronics heh.
Was he simply tossed into the mix to make Yakoob sit up?
I had to smile when I read a thread title on myadsl something like, iBurst plans big expansion? No having to hunt for wireless sweetspots anymore as pretty darn soon the whole of the country will be one giant aerial !
Another person still of great interest to me is our resident druglord the Earl of Sherwood and his Government connections. Im pretty sure Ive already blogged about the day I watched a bunch of young kids busy with a drug deal in the valley below and how the Earls son & heir came riding up to them on his scrambler bike (he has since upgraded magnificently to a beautiful bike plus a quad bike).
I got on the phone to the Parks official and as I spoke to him the Heir apparent answered his cell phone and took off like a rocket.
Somebody listening to My call had alerted him....
Im hoping dear Readers that you fully understand the concept of Organised Crime.
What does the Earl of Sherwood do for a living? NO - I mean his respectable/cover job? Is he perchance into Import/Exports ? *laffin... just a thought...
I will always make incorrect assumptions and guesses and it is pretty much up to you to sort the weed from the chaff. Shouldnt be that difficult if you have been paying any sort of attention.
When I tried to phone the SAPS urgently a few weeks ago, my electric phone suddenly showed a red light (battery flat?) and wouldnt work. I had to swiftly plug in the old Venus phone. When I reconnected the electric phone 1/2 later it never gave any more problems.
You begin to grasp how simple it is to take care of nuisances like myself? You still condone this? Hmm... there have to be casualties when new innovations begin? Hah!!!!!!

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