Monday, July 24, 2006

I promised my DroneMaster I would post any major changes here and so....
From a rock-solid connection using iBurst and with tradepages as our ISP we have been perfectly happy for months.
My husband tells me that we saved R500 on our Telkom bill last month! All this since cancelling our ISDN line.
However - big changes this weekend. A further 'contact' light has been erected (for lack of a better description) and our property is now surrounded on all
four sides by these lights in one form or another. The result this morning? Unable to connect. Error 619 messages. Port closed. Repeated attempts after rebooting
and then shutting down totally to restart failed. Eventually success but after 20 minutes on line - another disconnect and Error 619 port closed message.
It would appear that once again I have been deluding myself totally. Being allowed to play Trivia for hours on end without being disconnected or harrassed led me to foolishly
believe that my DroneMaster had realised I was no threat and was finally allowing me some freedom at last.
I'm betting that many of you know him personally and look to him as an IT God? I have only known him for 7 years as a next-door neighbour and though
at the outset I totally despised him (having no clue as to his real agenda), I have come to be extremely fond of him - short temper and lies excluded.
The mind boggles at the possible reasons he gives gaily for his droning our PC and the total surveillance of our property. His connections with the SAPS? the NIA?
Or you simply didnt know about those? He says that it is all a joke played on a Good Citizen that is definitely a Nuisance? Raait!
May I suggest that in spite of Everything you may hear/have heard/will hear, and the impeccable sources that back these rumours, that you start thinking
for yourselves and question exactly what is taking place here?

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