Thursday, July 27, 2006

Wednesday 27th July 2006 : post made in OffTopic,

Another unannounced powercut last night from 9pm - 11.55pm and I could see the power on just over the field in Sydenham and south beyond the Mayville fly- off they also had power.
Somewhat more civilized timing and thanks go to the Project Manager Mr. Allen (The Nose) Spence in spite of the fact that any day now I figure my ears at least, are going to start glowing green in the dark haha...

St. Theresa's look to now be fully incorporated into the Muni link-up system and although I only face onto the back of this venerable establishment, the amount and variety of lighting recently plastered here and there is staggering

One hopes that in light(*) of the recent 7.5% hike in electricity rates that the Convent will be given Special Dispensation on their electricity account? *fallin about... for so obligingly (and no doubt unwittingly) allowing themselves to be used in this Grand Scheme?

Scarred for Life - No compensation.

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