Friday, July 21, 2006

If I tended towards a trembling disposition? why, then I certainly would tremble at recalling how many long months I spent sitting outside in my 'Reading Corner' and wondering why waves of nausea would ultimately drive me indoors again. Why the electric telephone would lose calls and connections & give off screaming static when I tried using it while sitting there.
Why my cancerous friend so quickly lost the plot and galloped rampant between my shoulder-blades?
Of course, you will all know by now that I am no longer the trembling type (if I ever was).
I have, to be sure, been fairly vocal about my attitude to life and the fact that one should be allowed to choose one's departure time should ones situation become untenable. This will no doubt have added further justification to the greed and power crazed Masters of the Plan. "she wants to go - so why don't we assist her where we can?"
Once again I say it would be interesting to go around door to door in my neighbourhood with a questionnaire asking:
1. Has your neighbour had his property or part thereof painted recently?
2. Has your neighbour had his roof cleaned recently?
3. Has your neighbour had an alarm system fitted recently?
4. Has your neighbour had his alarm system upgraded recently?
5. Has your telephone given problems and you have had to have the Telkom technicians visit your home recently?
6. Have you had more problems than usual with your electrical appliances? Interference on your television, your digital clock cutting out?
7. Have you had to replace your geyser, telephone etc. recently?
8. Have any of your house lights behaved strangely - i.e. switched off or on unaided?
9. Have any of your family pets displayed unusual behaviour i.e. avoiding particular areas, howling for no apparent reason?
I would suggest that the results of such a survey done in the Sherwood area alone, would yield some startling results.
The authors of this massive scheme have had a great deal of time in which to perfect and execute it and cannot as yet, be faulted.
Therefore I shall continue to wait and watch with the greatest interest.

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