Thursday, July 27, 2006

Friday 28th July 2006 at 4.40am:

Reflections from an anorak-wearing transmitter -spotting Toad:

As posted in myadsl last night, I write here of the amazing job done on St Theresa's, culminating in a 2+hour power cut on Wednesday night to no doubt activate all the additions.

and as always, it is the many lights that are clearly visible from one angle only that intrigue this toad. The panels on the walls that are carefully left unpainted till last - be they very small or, as in the case of Clive's bathroom wall - at least 2' x 2'.

The inevitable unanswered questions plague me. This morning Bali's Tardis machine (oscillograph/oscilloscope) ticks away noisily from it position nearer the actual pool since my Tardis post heheh. The pool cleaner lies silent & unworking.

My DroneMaster must be away :{ Last night for the first time in weeks, poor Nobby and Duke did not bark miserably for hours as Bali endlessly practised his new found radio wave skills.

I have to wonder how someone like FreshyKZN would react if he knew the effect this scheme was having on the local canine population.

Tree-hugging animal lovers bah!

We are talking BEEEEG bucks here readers and it would be laughable to think that the perpetrators (oops) authors of this Grand Scheme would give a toss about the long or short-term effects their greed may be causing.


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