Monday, July 03, 2006

Tuesday 4th July 2006 at 6.06am:

Guinea-pigs continued:

So - unnecessary panic about the next door light being off. He turned it off manually.
But an entirely new turn of events has taken place. Sophie will no longer come and sit/lie next to me here at the PC in the lounge? Even last night when I got back from the CPF Meeting (she generally wont leave me alone until i eventually go to bed) she took herself into the bedroom and wouldnt come out. This made me suddenly realise that months ago we had all three cats AND the dog crammed with us into the lounge every evening. Now? Not a cat in sight and the lounge appears to repel even the dog.
And we go back to the effects of High Frequency Radio Waves on humans and animals? Reading just now on a site there are many revealing symptoms that I can agree I have had.
It looks like the cancer should increase now in absolute leaps and bounds as well heheh...
The most obvious would be the tingling in the hands and fingers like pins and needles ja?
I wonder whether my neighbour has noticed anything different in the behaviour of his dog?
Areas that the dog avoids. I will have to once again approach him and ask.
Already the poor dude avoids me like the plague.....
This morning? Headache which for me is unusual but i see clouds rolling in from the south and so it could just be a pressure front on its way or alternatively it could be my DroneMaster cranking up the frequency on yet another sensor aimed at this house.
I will be paying more attention to the animals behaviour from now on. Hopefully this helps the courageous and noble crowd that attack this Toad?

To be continued.....

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