Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Well Alben appears to have left and finished the painting though im sure he or his 'Partner' will be popping back in to fetch forgotten items etc....
The first interesting thing that happened was walking up the stairs in the dark in the early hours to check for the newspaper... once again the sound of an sms coming in to a cell quite clearly. On checkin later however there was absolutely nothing. :}
Then in the early afternoon I see my dear DroneMaster has flown back to his house briefly. I stand at the kitchen window and wash up and whoa! the electric doorbell rings! Im looking right at it exactly at that moment and it must have been the immaculate conception as it rang totally by itself. No hand came over the wall to push the button :} i go quick and check and sure enough my Master has left his property. Does he ring the bell for me? or is it a minor glytch on his remote? A similar one that occurs to the wife ?
A couple of days ago i mentioned to Suzanne across the road that i had noticed a sensor had been activated on the streetlight outside Basils house this one directly facing her property. That was a first as far as I know and i suggested that she log all weird stuff happening to her house electrics from now on.
Tuesday evening there she was at my door with a book for me. And tells me that the night before? Two lights in her lounge went out totally and the TV stayed on. She was suitably impressed lol...i was loathe to tell her that this is just the beginning of the fun.
In the morning i left a message for Skydog on the Skype thingie and he kindly came in later to chat for a while.
At some point he asked whether he could send me a file or an email which i declined as I ............. (no will leave that bit out totally heheh).
this file :?
Im sure its something really interesting and charming heh.....
Later Tuesday evening, i was sitting in myadsl as is my wont and went into the Security Forum where i had posted an attack isp number the night before. As i clicked on TheUnbelievers reply a file popped up on my screen and installed? itself here in about a 1/4 of a second.. not a chance to see wot it was and *boom* the job was done .... *sigh.... course nipping over to the useless Nortons logs the exact time i noted was missing as always.
As i sit here my ears are buzzing, my hands tingle and i know the Force Field is cranked to the max... (tho I have to qualify this by saying I am the most susceptible to suggestion Toad I have Ever come across :P)
Stay safe.....

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