Sunday, July 02, 2006

Now Sunday 2nd July 2006 at 2.47pm

Well, since posting on Friday, several changes have occurred. I realised last night that the automatic wall light next door was for some reason dead/not on. Unusual to say the least. My errant street light that has for so long now had a mind of its own? Has behaved beautifully all day and remained off. Another change in the street lights had me phoning my neighbour across the road this morning to suggest she log any strange activity involving her house electricity supply. i.e. digital bedside clocks stopping, geysers shrieking, appliances cutting out etc.
I am seriously thinking of doing a survey at this point. My electric door bell up at the front gate went off on its own at about 2.15pm. And i see the car missing from my DroneMasters driveway. His/her remote playing up again and affecting my stuff? heheh sure it is.... and another night of no light on the wall next door? Swift repairs to be done tomorrow? One has to wonder ja.... x

CT :}

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