Friday, July 07, 2006


Thursday - brilliant day spent up in the midlands with Sarah at her new place. At times wondering what changes were being hastily made back home it being a Thursday .
Have decided the sensors on Clives garage wall is some sort of alarm system? now would that be like a magnetic field or a beam? or both? Considered doing a leopard crawl up the stairs during the night lmao!!! Just to check whether it activating the bigger stuff? But no - i think pretty much anything that moves on my stairs going up would be immediately monitored :}
And yes - we do have changes and improvements as I write this.
Not 100 feet away from our bedroom window - smack dab on our own telephone pole in the valley? a Massively bright sensor yesterday morning haha..... course I blogged it to Bali in Outlook and this morning it is there but the strength judiciously turned right down :P Now what i ask is this?
Does Tamara know that our Bedroom is monitored so closely? oops ! lol.... and i thought I was obsessed ja....
Then we gaze again as always down south to Cassims house and whoa!!!! Work done yesterday as I heard his house alarm ja. Two lovely additions made there. Need further investigation but they are really pretty :}
and i have to comment on the use of extremely bright lights to distract ones vision from the small sensors.... nice thinking heheh.
May I ask what it is that disturbs my DroneMasters dog Nobby in the evenings? Is it that when the frequency is cranked up to the max it disturbs him so? He sounds frantic on occasion and going out with the spotlight reveals nothing? The dog is more or less trapped in the very core of the force field so to speak so i ask is this what upsets him and causes him to be so vocal?
Once again i reveal myself to be a tree-hugger of note by saying that you may well despise Toads but if an innocent dog is being tortured in the interests of pure greed I find it pretty gross.

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