Saturday, July 15, 2006

Sunday 16th July 2006 at 4.35am.
And how very interesting it is to wander around the property in the dark, early, hours after putting off all the outside lights.
Much work being done all of Saturday over at Cassims house. When I left to go shopping the ubiquitous 'wekker' standing waiting for me to leave. The cover? Painting Cassims garden wall roflmao! Nogal with white gumboots and the standard Muni top d:P
And so, something had to of changed and yes.... the Patrol guys have left me a smile directly down the bottom of the valley. Just an amusement that. But the interesting thing is that without our outside light on at the side by S's room? Oooops there is a monitor right there on my DroneMasters roof !!! Now that would show me coming and going from my reading pozzie in the garden yes? Aw sweet Bali :} This particular monitoring could have been there for ages and I simply wouldnt have seen it with the outside lights on.
And yes Ive finally figgured out that the tiny sensor lights monitor movement which no doubt reflect on my DroneMasters PC and show exactly when there is someone moving about and where... why - on waving my arms about going up the stairs the other morning a miracle occurred!!! lol.. sometimes toads DO have just a bit of luck ja heheh....
The other interesting thing is seeing the tiny light on the metal awning directly over the Tardis? Has that always been there? And because of the same outside light ive not noticed it? Is it just a bad fitting and leaking the beaut Tardis light out making it Look like a sensor light? Curious.....
Electro magnetic waves? my ears my ears hmm....i have to wonder which poor suckers are taking spikes and surges as you connect to their systems today... and how many appliances and weird things will happen that they will shrug off ... be gentle Bali - not all the residents have access to millions.
and still ? the Most interesting observation cannot be logged here yet. I wait and see..... (on the front lawn in the dark the moon fell into the Boatmans water)

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