Thursday, July 13, 2006

13th July 2006 at 4.22pm:

No Contest. The more prolific the attacks, be they personal or via our Power system, the stronger my resolve has become.
The more my old man argues that I need therapy and my kid suggests I take up a hobby (ANY hobby), the more determined I am not to back down.
I certainly have no Great Plan to expose the massive corruption currently (heh) taking place all over this beautiful country via the Municipalities, the tentacles of which have and will spread throughout all walks of life.
It is ironic that the major players in this Game share a vital trait with the Toad: a complete lack of embarrassment or shame. Only a couple of years ago it was a very different story on my part. But a constant and persistent whipping (if it doesnt kill u) will eventually thicken the skin to the point that I now happily walk BESIDE my DroneMaster as opposed to cowering 10 paces behind him.
The closure to me of the Announcement Forum on the myadsl site is encouraging to say the least. That I am found worthy of going to that bother? (*chuckles) what could I possibly say now, that could derail this particularly juicy gravy train? Nothing at all. I would guess the timing was due to the arrival of The Man With The Giant Golden Carrot? aka GTS? heheh.... Ive said pretty much all that I wish to say and have seen the ease with which Bali alters and removes posts on the site so.....not a problem.
I am Temporarily being allowed to distract and amuse myself with the ultimate in whitesound i.e. trivia. Whose particular idea this was I can only guess. But i ask that you all rest assured that I fully understand the concept of Temporary (*smiles at Bali).
And to all of you that reap the rich rewards involved, be they for money, revenge or just plain spite? May i remind you that this Toad is bloodied but still unbowed and as curious as ever to see how this all plays out even if only from the sidelines.
It has, in fact, become a Huge personal joke to watch people whom I seriously consider to be extremely bright - allow themselves to unquestioningly be led by their noses.
Cest la vie......

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