Monday, July 17, 2006

battered the Toad back and forth (would you like chips with Me?)
and yes, that would be 2 new monitoring/sensor lights noticed this week and the radio frequency attacks from dear Bali are on the increase.
At the CPF Meeting last night I managed to corner a resident boffin who said that an oscillator next to a pool simply meant that the chlorine level/content was being monitored and nothing else haha..
So much for the Tardis *sob. and yet Another CPF member to avoid. No doubt he will report back to his Masters at Telscum and much merriment will ensue.... he'd best borrow some of Clives garlic necklace before the next Meeting hehe..
And all the while, last night, my new Master, the King of the World, flew overhead for ages.
After a three and a half hour power cut yesterday morning to activate all the additions and tweaks done over the weekend, Ive no doubt he wanted to see for himself what progress had been made?
Stay safe julle......

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